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Phoenix Rising – Constellation Workshops Online – Igniting the Spirit of Re-Generation

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Please note new dates and updated information!

12 & 26 September & 10 & 24 October 2020

Are you

  • Done with feeling powerless over what’s out of your control?
  • Confused, sad, anxious about our future and the legacy we are leaving our children?
  • Eager to connect with a positive possibility for the future?
  • Curious to experience the oneness of our connection across time and space?
  • Keen to make a difference to the issues of concern to us all at this time?

Then join me online and let’s constellate for strength, clarity and personal freedom for the road ahead, first within ourselves and then in the world!

Globally the events of 2020 have brought us to our knees, and it will be some time before we are ‘out of the woods’ with COVID-19! This has ‘forced us’ to let go, to surrender and to take our place as the forerunners of transformation and evolution. We are not here now by mistake! And so, we must be on purpose and aligned with our Soul Purpose. Taking action where we can amid the confusion and uncertainty, will not only help to ‘lay new ground for the future’ but empower us now as we move toward it!

In this series, we will focus on matters that are of significance to us all. Each session, we will do one or more Constellations – either of a personal or collective nature – as determined by the group. As we shift things on an individual level, we make available the opportunity for change at the collective level, something that is a felt experience in a Family Constellations Workshop.

Like the mythical Phoenix, we need to surrender for purification all that belongs to a past that is inconsistent with the dream we have for our future. Then, out of the ashes, we will rise to create something new. We need to re-generate ourselves and our planet in a way that is healthy on every level; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


So good to see you doing this, what a difference this will make as we contribute to the evolution of ourselves and the world. This is such an opportunity to be of service.
As one of the participants of the first online FC, I know how valuable this can be.

Lorrah Berg


The secrets, lies and exclusions of the past and the trauma they have burdened humanity with must be acknowledged, transformed and released. Only then will the cycle be broken and we will be free to re-generate from a clean slate!

While constellations can be facilitated 1:1 in person and online, what makes a Constellation Workshop unique, is that it allows the client the opportunity to witness their lives from the position of the observer. And it is through being a Representative that the participants experience the oneness of humanity, that everything is energy, and that we are all connected.

After working with this short-term, solution-focused modality for over a decade and facilitating Systemic Family Constellations Workshops since 2012, I am proud to be able to continue to offer this experience now via Zoom. With 4 x 2-Hour sessions, we will have the time to do what we would in a one-day in-person workshop while avoiding online fatigue.


My first experience of online Constellations and Zoom. I was amazed how powerful it was even though we were only in a virtual room together. Thank you Diane for your great work and the lovely space you held for us all.

Tracey Johnson


Please scroll down to complete your registration. Once payment is received, I will forward you the Zoom link and further details for your participation in the Workshop Series. Please ensure all dates are in your calendar as there will be no refunds for missed sessions.


Workshop Dates

Saturdays:- 12 September, 26 September, 10 October, 24 October 2020

Time:- 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm AEST
Please check your local time interstate and outside Australia


We are indeed and always have been in this thing together! Now we can choose to take action on behalf of us all. Looking forward to sharing this series with you and experiencing the re-generation that arises out of the ashes.


Questions? Suggestions? Please contact me or give me a buzz on +61 417 683 006

With Loving-Kindness,
Diane Viola

PS The recommended fee is AUD 110. If you wish to attend and this is outside of your capacity at the moment, please Pay What You Can when you enrol.

Event Details

Saturdays 12, 26 September & 10, 24 October, 2020 - 15:00 - 17:00 AEST

Enrolment Terms & Pricing

Early Bird Full Fee
Friday 28 August 2020 Friday 11 September 2020
Introductory Fee AUD 110 Introductory Fee AUD 110
Early Bird Full Fee
Friday 28 August 2020 Friday 11 September 2020
Introductory Fee AUD 110 Introductory Fee AUD 110

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