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Most people going through Separation & Divorce would prefer to walk away with their dignity intact and an appreciation of the purpose of their time together. While the support of family and friends is crucial, it can be difficult for them to remain objective as they come to terms with their own feelings and the changing dynamics in their relationship circle. This is where Divorce Coaching can help!

“To work with people at such a critical moment in their lives is a profound privilege. Few of us are prepared for the feelings which accompany the loss of a partner &/or the family unit, or the potential of the grieving process to derail even the best-laid plans.

To see people transform what has the potential to be such a harmful experience, even in the midst of their own pain, into one of growth, inspires the utmost respect and admiration. No matter how small the steps, whenever an individual or couple embrace the truth and take action with love and respect for themselves toward a conscious parting, they pave the way for healing for everyone involved and demonstrate a courage that is worthy of note.”


Listen to the Podcast below to hear Diane talking with Lyn Lucas about ‘Coping with Divorce’

Separation & Divorce Coaching

What can I expect from Divorce Coaching with Diane? An understanding of the emotional impact of separation and help to process your feelings to prevent further pain to yourself or others. A safe space to communicate with your...
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A ‘Spiritual Divorce’ | Family Constellations

What's wrong with this picture? Going through the grieving process that is inevitable in the face of Separation and Divorce to rebuild your life with a healthy, new relationship with yourself and others, is fundamental in restoring a...
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