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Relationship is the state of being connected. And it is the quality of that connection – our relationship with ourselves, others, and our environment – which determines our happiness and our experience of success in life. Positive Relating begins with seeing everything AS IT IS… and being willing to meet life on its own terms!

Family is the fundamental unit of society and the first ‘group’ to which we belong. At the Heart of Family is the relationship between the parents &/or partners. The success or ‘otherwise’ we experience in our Relationship & Family life is to some degree dependent on what was modelled for us by our parents and other significant adults. Few people form a partnership or become parents expecting it not to last, though many wait until it’s too late before seeking help!

Positive relationships with others flow naturally when you have a positive relationship with yourself and take measures to learn new ways of relating. Just because you’ve done everything you know how to do, doesn’t mean that there isn’t something else you could learn to do! That’s where Relationship & Family Counselling & Coaching come in! Working with individuals, couples, families and young people allows me to assist the whole family, facilitating positive relationships toward peace and harmony in family life.

Relationship & Family Counselling & Coaching

Does one of these describe your situation? Things are pretty good. We just want to make sure we keep growing together and prepare for the changes ahead. We could use some help with parenting. It’s a real challenge and there are...
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Nurturing Relationship & Family Life with Family Constellations

Positive Relating begins with seeing everything AS IT IS... In order to experience a positive relationship with another you must first bring yourSelf into relationship! Family Constellations nurtures your relationships and accelerates...
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