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Personal Growth is a life-long journey! Wherever you are on your path, there is always an opportunity for growth; always a way to respond to what has already happened, prevent further suffering to yourself or others in the future and become more of who you really are. Relating to yourself with love and awareness in the present is the key to Personal Growth. Find out how your thoughts, feelings and actions create your reality and how to build your emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Counselling & Coaching

Through Counselling and Coaching I assist clients to develop strategies and skills to effectively transform their immediate situation as well as responding to the issues at the heart of the matter for ongoing positive change and a more...
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Melting Frozen Emotion with Family Constellations

While capturing a moment in time in a photo can be precious, some things are best given free reign! Although many people are confronted by or feel uncomfortable connecting with their feelings, in life, it is generally not the felt...
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