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dnaSystemic Family & Business Constellations is a powerful, profound approach to addressing life’s challenges, going beyond the surface to connect with the matter at its source. While relatively new to Australia, it is a well-respected choice for individuals looking for sustainable Personal Growth and healing in Europe, Russia and South America.

Described by one client as ‘Like Yoga for the Soul’, a Constellation is designed to transform the context of your life, enabling the content to naturally unfold in a more life-affirming manner, releasing you from much of the struggle that has often characterised Personal Growth work.

Whether in a Workshop, Private Session or via Skype, Constellations are particularly effective when the issue is one that has not fully responded to more ‘traditional’ therapeutic approaches, or where there is a pattern handed down from one generation to another, or entrenched in a system; be it a family, institution or business. This can relate to behavioural and relationship patterns, as well as those associated with health, career or money.

Family & Business Constellations help you ‘find your place’, ‘make things right’ and restore the ‘Orders of Love’ for the experience of Strength, Clarity and Personal Freedom! I invite you to experience this for yourself and help ‘spread the word’ about this exciting modality!

Family Constellations Workshops

While Constellations can also be facilitated in Private Sessions, they were originally only offered in a Workshop setting. To really understand the power of a Family Constellations Workshop you have to experience it! It is a sacred,...
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Family Constellations | Letting Love Flow

Our Challenge As human beings we seek completion and wholeness; to ‘find our place,’ ‘make things right’ and for life to be brought back into balance. The course of our lives is governed not only by our own experiences, but those...
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What my clients say...

  • last I feel that I have found acceptance and peace after 3 decades... And I also feel hopeful that now I will be able to rediscover the joy that has been missing from my life since then... Read more

    ~ Shelley

  • My personal experience was to see the different 'truths' of each of my family members, leaving me with a greater sense of forgiveness and understanding. What was also interesting was... Read more

    ~ Barry

  • Initially I was unsure as to what we were going to do, how to do it and what the end result would or could be! However, the simplicity of it was truly amazing in its effectiveness on a deep soul level... Read more

    ~ Eileen

  • To find the ability to move out of an uncomfortable comfort zone into a new way of being... this is the essence of this work... Read more

    ~ Rod

  • Enlightened and an amazing, powerful day that unleashed a truth that I could never have KNOWN was blocking me from reaching the inner happiness I have been looking for, as well as forgiveness... Read more

    ~ Tammy