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Seeking Wholeness

Wholeness comes not necessarily from getting everything you want but from being at peace with what is! That includes being willing to carry your fate and fulfil your destiny. Karma and destiny are concepts we’ve heard of but may not fully understand the degree to which they shape our lives. We like to think we are ‘self-made’ men and women; that it is we who decide how our lives unfold. And then there’s the great cosmic joke … ‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.’

At one time or another most of us have experienced what it’s like to feel that the odds are stacked against us; that no matter what we do, things just aren’t working!!! Perhaps that’s because there’s something we have no conscious awareness of that’s driving the ‘ship’. Just like the ‘fateful’ voyage of the Titanic, the tip of the iceberg is but a slight indicator of the 90% hidden beneath the surface. Whenever we assume that what we see is all there is, we are bound to get into hot water!

Surrendering to our ‘fate’ is neither passive nor weak, but rather, implies taking the place that has been destined for us; a role we are meant to fulfil, even if only temporarily, for things to settle and the pieces of the puzzle to fit together. We are born into a family system and live in a world that is governed by a need for structure and we cannot deny our roots. Wherever we have come from – our family, country, and culture – and the times in which we live, all contribute to the person we become and the way we relate to life. While we can transcend it, that happens only once we have acknowledged it and given it the honour it is due.

I believe that if we are here at this time then we have a particular destiny, individually and collectively, to become en-lightened – to lighten up and lighten the load – so that we can pass on to the present and future generations an environment that is not only physically healthy, but emotionally healthy too. Unlike any generation before us, we have the means to truly make a difference on this planet and we are already doing that by utilising the power of the internet and media toward positive ends. Communication is the tool and relationship is the vehicle through which transformation occurs.

Whatever we need to know about what’s standing in the way of fulfilling our destiny will show up as ‘breakdowns’ or ‘roadblocks’ in our relationship with ourselves, others, or some aspect of our lives. How we shift that is by paying attention to it and choosing to do something about it rather than denying its existence. We can interrupt the patterns that have held us back and break the ties that have bound us to our past. In taking ownership of what is ours and giving back what is not, we are strengthened, the way forward becomes clear and we are free to step into our personal power for the experience of wholeness.

Inner Sense No. 29 | May 2012

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