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Constellations in Private Sessions & Online

‘I am no longer entangled in my parent’s relationship and am now on good terms with my dad.’ AND  ‘… things have happened in my life recently, things which in context have presented themselves before, yet I respond differently. Rejection for a start! I laughed off something recently which previously would have got me down. I am not for a second questioning who I am, like I once would have, now I am actually thinking about what must be happening for the other person to respond the way they did. It’s a nice change. It’s the way it should be.’

Brisbane QLD

‘I wanted to express how wonderful and powerful was the work that I did with Diane just by Skype. It really was a rewarding, enlightening and healing experience. I feel a lot brighter after I finished from every Constellation. I wish that I could do a Constellation everyday.’

Hong Kong 

‘The ‘Couple Constellations‘ sessions we did with you was the turning point for recognising our non-serving belief patterns and unattractive, victim like behaviours. The sessions have allowed us to see that our marriage was based on values we didn’t believe in and that the only way to move forward was to create new ones. This process hasn’t been easy, however with the determination to make it work and recognising the love we have for each other, the learning has been fun! Thank you once again for helping our family.

Love and Gratitude,’

James & Helen
Gold Coast QLD

‘The personal Constellation that you did with me Diane was also very powerful around my business and where I am headed. It gave me clarity and a feeling of optimism moving forward.’

Gold Coast QLD

Other Reviews are scattered throughout this site! To book a private Family or Business Constellation face-to-face or online, Contact Diane or call 0417 683 006.

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