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Restoring ‘The Orders of Love’ with Family Constellations


What’s wrong with this picture?

At first glance… nothing! However, when we represent a family this way in Family Constellations, it shows a child ‘caught’ in between his/her parents. While this happens for many reasons, this can place a burden on the child that has repercussions in the family system and their future adult relationships.

In any family the most important relationship is the one between the parents or partners. This is what allows the children to relax and trust that all is well and know it is not their place, or their job, to be mummy or daddy’s friend or confidante… let alone their rescuer!

When we see this ‘picture’ it tells us that ‘The Orders of Love’ are out of place… something which a Constellation restores, returning the child to their rightful place and allowing love to flow once more. Interestingly, the ‘Orders of Love’ not only apply to our relationship and family lives, but also have a place in restoring harmony and functionality in Business.

In this video I explain more about what is required for the ‘Orders’ to be in place:

Think ‘The Orders of Love’ may have been interrupted in your Relationship or Family life? Then restoring them with a Constellation in a Workshop or Private Session could be just the thing for you. Contact Diane today to find out more and to book a session.

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