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Through Eyes of Love

Just as ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, so too is everything we choose to see in ourselves or another, whether we’re aware we are doing the choosing or not and whether or not it gives us joy! Every time...
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The First Relationship

If every relationship is a mirror of the relationship we have with ourselves, it would help to remember that how we originally came to know ourselves was through the relationship with the first people we ever...
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Living On Purpose

What am I here for?  It’s a question that baffles most of us at some point in our lives. We are each born with a gift/s and it is our responsibility to nurture that and contribute it to the world in a way that honours who we really...
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Love is NOT a Dirty Word

Picture this … you and just one other person. No fancy cars or house, no title or encumbrances. If all else were equal and there was just one person you’d want there with you, then that’s what love is. When I lie...
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Time to Unhide Your Light

The recent loss of Robin Williams, a beautiful, gentle genius of a man, left many of us grieving, struggling to understand and feeling our own pain and loss. Someone who brought immeasurable joy to others in his life...
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