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Moving Forward

There’s a kids’ game that’s very funny to watch called ‘Stuck in the Mud’ where the person who’s ‘IN’ runs around tagging other kids who have to stand still, feet planted on the ground and waiting to be set free. Once free,...
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A Stitch in Time

Like darning socks, the old saying ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ has its origins in an activity rarely undertaken in our throw-away society. The idea that if we mend a piece of clothing when we first notice it is...
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The Spirit of Christmas

Where have all the Santas gone?  That was the question I pondered recently while riding pillion with my husband on our second Toy Run.  As we wove our way down the highway and through nearby streets of the Gold...
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Letting Judgement Go

How tricky is that?  It almost comes with the territory of being human to judge.  Not judging would be like not having an opinion.  And we all have plenty of those don’t we?  If we didn’t, we certainly wouldn’t want anyone else...
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Owning What’s Yours

Over dinner the other night my sister said “I’m glad you didn’t leave, it’s your home.”  With the resonance that occurs when you hear your own thoughts reflected back to you, in that moment the implications of having recently...
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