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A Call to Oneness

(Substitute ‘God’ with Love, Light, Universal Energy as you wish) So to remember … that no matter where you go or are I, God, am also always there. It’s challenging isn’t it to consider that I could be in the places where people...
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A New Order of Things

Remember the ‘Get Smart’ sitcom where ‘Control’ represented American democracy and ‘Chaos’ represented Russian communism? Oddly enough it is out of chaos that something new or a new order of things emerges. And it is through...
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Making Peace for the Children

During ‘International Child Centred Divorce Month’ this year I questioned the title itself. I mean divorce is not about the children … what children want is to be centred in a happy family and home life …...
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A Place for Dad

Whilst the landscape has changed in how we perceive fathers and their role, there are still times in which we, as a society, continue to underestimate and undermine – even if in subtle or subliminal ways – the...
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Receiving Help – A Shared Responsibility

After facing the loss or potential loss of all the operating systems in my business culminating in the disappearance of my website just before Christmas, there have been more than a few times when I've absolutely...
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