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Paying Attention

At times our words appear to be imprecise and yet when we look into their deeper meaning they hold some powerful messages.  Consider the expression “Wake up to yourself!”  Usually said with arms flailing and a sigh of exasperation, it implies that, until now, you’ve been asleep to yourself – which, at least for some of the time, could well be the case.  How we go about remedying this is to “Pay attention!”

An ongoing enquiry for me, this reflects my desire to communicate a little of what I have learnt about respect, as well as my need to be more productive in my day-to-day life.  Ultimately, paying attention is about becoming (more) aware; noticing who or what is in front of you on the outside, as well as what is going on on the inside.  The answer to so many of our problems – which is what our lives consist of to one degree or another – are already there inside of us just waiting to be heard, or felt, or seen.   It is our inner sense, which gives us feedback about our whole experience; that can guide us through our day in a manner that is for our highest good and greatest growth.  But first we must learn to tune in to it and distinguish it from the incessant chatter in our heads.

Put simply, this is how I experience it.  When I PAY ATTENTION – ie notice what it is that I am already noticing through my thoughts, physical sensations and emotions, or through my actions, and the images these conjure up for me – I know if something feels right or not.  That helps me to KEEP IT SIMPLE and take the action that is appropriate, which is about BEing RESPONSE-ABLE.  When I TAKE RIGHT ACTION, I experience BEing IN THE FLOW, life is easy and simple.  I become more effective in how I use my time and energy.  I experience less resistance or drag within myself because I’m not going against the grain of what is right for me or my natural way of being.  And, because my mind has less static, I am more attentive.  Being more in tune with whether or not something fits or is a good match for me, I am less likely to accept that which is unacceptable from myself or others.  This in itself is a declaration and enactment of self-respect which goes hand-in-hand with respect for others.  Acting consistent with this, rather than being ‘nice’, even when it’s not easy or comfortable, feels right.  So the secret is … PAY ATTENTION!!!

Play with it and have fun!

Inner Sense No. 8 | February 2008

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