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Mirror Thoughts

Ever longed for a return to the days when the ‘machine’ you were working on didn’t have a mind of its own?  There I was in the wee hours of the morning, writing and minding my own business when from out of nowhere up pops first one, then another, message alerting me to the Updates available for the programs on my computer.  Just like those thoughts that appear unbidden, it’s another indication that there’s always something going on in the background that we’re not fully aware of … and that there are also always opportunities to ‘re-program’ ourselves.

One of the ways I’ve begun to do that recently is to think of what would commonly be considered to be negative thoughts as mirror thoughts.  On the other side of these thoughts; just as in the reflection of a mirror, is everything we need to know to enjoy a full and rich life.  It is the willingness to actually recognise or catch those thoughts that lets us know what is standing in the way of our peace and happiness.  It’s like the action of a pendulum which must swing in equal proportion to the right as it does to the left to achieve balance.  Every negative, fearful thought we have about ourselves is merely our shadow self revealing itself to first be acknowledged and then challenged.  Fortunately, the shadow is not us; it is not who we are.  And what challenges or replaces it is a positive, loving thought.  Love conquering fear.

We never have to agree with thoughts that are negative, limiting, unloving or fearful.  These are the thoughts that interrupt the natural flow or order of things, particularly that which we would consider ‘good’ or ‘right’.  We always have choice and it is the power to choose, to be diligent enough to make the conscious choices that are for our highest good, that always makes the difference.  This is what it means to be mindful. Therefore we need not fear the negative thoughts.  However … we do need to be aware of them and to practice our job of not agreeing with them and decide what instead it is that we do wish to think.  In so doing we pave the way to then feel, and act differently. Like brushing teeth, this is a daily, relentless habit that one must surrender to practicing on the road to freedom.  While it may be a simple concept, in practice it is far from easy and not just a one-time event.

Just as an outsider telling us we’ll never be any good at (fill in the blank) either has us go into agreement and give up, or provides the impetus to prove them wrong and excel in that field, we have the same choices about the ‘stuff’ we tell ourselves.  Sometimes that inner voice is so loud and so persistent it can feel as if it’s telling the truth.  My experience is that the louder the voice for negativity the greater is its own fear that it will be extinguished.  Whenever a behaviour or a habitual way of being is challenged, it will always fight back.  Always!!!  Then it is our job to keep being the voice for positive possibility, for ourselves and for others.  To me that’s what “Never, never, never give up”, really means.  Never give up on the truth of who you are.  Never give up on your dreams.  And if you haven’t yet found the way to make them manifest, try another way.  I know, I am.

Inner Sense No. 3 | April 2007

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