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Hang On To Your Hat

The tornadoes that ripped through the border towns of NSW and Victoria last week demonstrated once more just how insignificant we are in the face of Mother Nature.  The ‘chaos’ in our weather patterns could well be compared with what we’re seeing in the world at large.  An example of ‘The Sunset Effect’, it illuminates what still needs our attention as we take positive action to change what is outmoded in the human condition.  Few would question that we still have a way to go!

‘The more things change, the more they stay the same.’ *  What has to change, are not things but us!  We have to change and we have to do that from the inside!  If we choose to avoid the reality of our lives or deny where we’re at, we leave ourselves not only vulnerable, but powerless to change what we can.  In order to do that … to get out of our comfort zones and let go of the resistance to change, we first have to accept responsibility for what we’ve created in our own lives, albeit to the best of our ability, face up to the consequences of the choices we’ve made up until now and decide what we’re going to do from here on in.  If we meet the results of fear with yet more fear then we will have missed the opportunity!

For millennia we’ve experienced this as a divided and separated world; juggling the duality of our existence, ever seeking to find the mid-point between opposites, judging that which was ‘different’ and rarely finding balance or harmony.  And the place it shows up most is in the relationships between men and women and in partnerships of all kinds.  The oneness and unity we are moving toward – which has always been available, but camouflaged by fear – will come when we are able to embrace the whole; when we find a way to co-exist with all that we have sought to destroy or negate.  It is the very resistance to whatever that is in our personal lives, and in the world, that has served to keep those things in place.

So … as individuals and as a collective, we have been given huge challenges and we are here to learn how to deal with them.  That’s called growth or evolution.  We have a huge roller coaster to ride before things are going to ‘settle down’ and the ‘normal’ they’ll return to is something we can’t even conceive of right now.  What an exciting concept!

If you’re looking for calm waters or a ride on the merry-go-round, you may be disappointed.  If instead you accept the challenge and face it with courage, then everything you need to meet it with will be given you.  Be grateful for what you have in your life that pleases you and encourage yourself and others.  We can instil courage through the willingness to try something new and take action (no matter how small or scary) on the things that we instinctively know will make a difference.

As the winds of change continue to blow, we need to hang on to our hats, keep our feet firmly planted on the ground, reach out with compassion, and remember to breathe.

* Alphonse Karr – French Novelist

Inner Sense No. 33 | March 2013

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