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Family Constellations | Letting Love Flow

Our Challenge

As human beings we seek completion and wholeness; to ‘find our place,’ ‘make things right’ and for life to be brought back into balance. The course of our lives is governed not only by our own experiences, but those of our family, and of the country, culture, and times within which we live. Ultimately how we perceive ourselves, what we believe is possible, and the choices we make today are influenced by a combination of these factors.

Often without any conscious awareness of it, we are being directed toward the resolution of problems, or patterns of relating, that have run through the family line. When someone, something, or some feeling has gone unrecognised or been disowned, it will continue to present itself for acknowledgement and integration in our lives. When we embrace what was previously hidden, and over which we have had no conscious control, lasting change becomes a possibility. This is what is available through Family Constellations!

Hear how Family Constellations makes the unconscious, conscious in this video.

How Can Family Constellations Make a Difference?

The process of tapping into the family system through a Constellation allows us to transform the past, precipitating a positive, domino effect through the generations; past, present, and future. It is like re-configuring the family dynamics for a more functional, loving, healthy experience, helping you to make amends, release what does not belong to you, and stand firm in your own energy and power.


Family Constellations can be a stand-alone approach to Personal Growth, or a useful adjunct to other forms of Counselling, Coaching, or Therapy, in either a Workshop or Private Sessions, or a combination of the two. It is also applicable in a Business setting.

While there will be immediate relief and clarity, it is not a quick-fix, short-lived solution. It can take up to two years for the full benefits of a Constellation to unfold in your life and the lives of those connected to you, even when they haven’t participated in the Constellation themselves.

In a Constellation you step into what is called ‘The Knowing Field’ and experience what Science and Spirituality have come to agree on … that we are all one, we are energy, and we are all connected! It is through the ownership of this connection that we can tap into the power we have to heal and renew our lives. We honour who we really are, take responsibility for the life we have lived up until now, and move forward with grace.

How do Constellations Bring ‘Peace to the System’?

In nature a healthy eco-system depends on the vitality of all its elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. In the same way, the Life-Force of a family or any other system is affected by whatever happens or has happened in it. Whenever something or someone is forgotten, denied a place, or disrespected in any way, the system will attempt to restore the balance, often in ways that cause us pain, or fear, or loss, to ‘force’ us to pay attention. Once we do, we can bring peace and harmony not only to the present, but also to the past and future.

When we ‘make things right’ we allow love – which is our life-blood – to flow again. Some of the ways a Constellation – Personal, Relationship, Health, or Business – can bring peace to the system, is by helping those in it to:-

  • Face a death or loss, whether of a loved one, a dream, or a relationship.
  • Acknowledge the truth of what may sometimes be well-kept secrets.
  • Honour a child’s true parenthood and the contribution of all who have raised them.
  • Let go of addictive behaviours and relationships.
  • Come to terms with the circumstances of one’s conception, birth, or heritage to know where they belong.
  • Release the anger, blame, shame, guilt, or resentment that keep us tied to our past.
  • Accept – or give back – responsibility for abusive, bullying or other unloving behaviours.
  • Make right the ‘sins of the father’ so they are not ‘visited upon the sons’.
  • Ease the discomfort or dis-ease that can contribute to physical or mental illness.
  • Locate the source of displaced feelings of anxiety, depression or suicidal ideation.
  • Strengthen existing, or restore dignity to former, relationships, and make clear the boundaries between parents and children.

Hear more about these concepts in this Podcast…

For details of Family Constellations Workshops in Sydney or the Gold Coast see here.

I have always reminded my clients that they have within them already all the answers and all the resources they need to achieve their desired Outcomes. Systemic Family Constellations is one of the most elegant, respectful, and empowering ways I have found of accessing that information to effect positive change.

In both my personal and professional life I have witnessed the freedom which comes when new ground is laid for an aliveness which may have eluded us, not only for years, but sometimes our entire lives.


The Origins of Systemic Family Constellations

Systemic Family Constellations was developed over 30 years ago by Bert Hellinger, a German Psychotherapist. It was his work as a priest amongst the Zulu people which provided the catalyst for his ongoing enquiry into the workings of family systems. There he observed that if the ancient order of the family and tribe was maintained, which he coined ‘The Orders of Love’, the individuals within the group could live with dignity and be strong and healthy.

A short-term, solution-focused therapy in demand throughout Europe, South America, Russia and more recently Australia, these principles are still relevant today for our Western way of life.


It made me realise how we really are just energy, and we step in and out of different energies as needed. I had a lot of shifts. I found it particularly powerful actually!

Thank you again for your amazing insights and clarity. You really are incredible and connected and it was much appreciated. I eagerly await my next Constellation, I already have my next ‘issue’ in mind so I can clear that too and keep reaching for the stars.

Thank you Diane. You are a Master at your craft.

Gold Coast

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