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Love, trust and faith.  These are the things which guide us to our highest choices.  For me, faith is one of the most precious gifts we can muster toward life.  No doubt, it is a mysterious thing.  It’s not something you can see or touch or taste or smell.  It’s not accessed through our ordinary senses.  However, I think it is something we can hear from within if we are willing to listen for it.  When we practice faith we are calling upon that which is most sacred within ourselves.  Faith takes trust to its furthest reaches and it comes from a declaration you make, whether to surrender to the ‘God’ of your choosing, or to believe so fully in yourself, life and love, that that which has not yet come into being, is nonetheless within reach.

There’s something about faith that always rewards the person who is brave enough to practice it.  It recognizes that if you don’t get what you want there is good reason and, as The Rolling Stones would say, “… you get what you need”.  It’s easy to have faith when everything is going well.  But the true test of faith, and to some degree of character, is when things are tough.  That’s when the benefits of ‘keeping the faith’ really shine through.

With faith we get on with that which we know in our hearts we must do to bring about the change or results we long for.  When we refuse to believe that we are worthy of anything less than that which any loving parent would want for their child, then we know we have stepped into the place where all things are possible.  And if that is true for one of us, then it must be true for all.

Ultimately, I believe we must have faith in who we are as human beings.  We must remember that that which is indestructible within us, that which is our true nature; the ‘stuff’ we are really made of, always triumphs in the end.  And that stuff is the pure loving energy of spirit.  Nothing can destroy that or taint that.  When we choose to know that, then what’s not to trust, how can we not have faith?

Inner Sense no. 4 | June 2007

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