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The Menu is Not the Meal – What Healing Needs

The menu is not the meal! I first heard this saying close to 40 years ago and have often pondered its meaning. And then this morning, the sense I gave it was this… Just because we have laid the cards on the table...
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Lighten Your Heart

Do first each day that which lightens your heart that you may move through your day free of the burden wrought by errors of thought or perception. For judgement, guilt, procrastination, are based in the fearful need...
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Words of Comfort

Call upon me in your time of need. Do not wait until the sands of time have passed and with them the want for life in you. Let yourself be lifted up when your heart is in turmoil or your mind polluted with thoughts of...
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Words Escape Me

Words escape me! They come to me in the dead of night and slip past my fingers before I can capture them. I plead with God to visit me in some more respectable hour when sleep has had its fill. And yet,...
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Honouring the Fallen – Going Beyond Remembrance

The father who never held his child. The marriage cut short; a couple separated by war. The mother who never buried her son. The doting parents whose child represents the last in the family line. The returned...
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