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Christmas Post Separation

While the effects of separation and divorce can be felt for a long time, when the wellbeing of the children is top of mind, it is possible, with the right attitude and tool kit, to handle Christmas and other special family times...
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Teaching Our Children to Lie

Something we love about kids is their unnerving commitment to telling the truth, regardless of the consequences! Often, it’s also what scares us about them. For a while we forgive our youngsters for not playing our adult games and put...
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Making Way for Commitment with Family Constellations

What's Wrong with this Picture? One of the things I love is working with couples to uncover and release the blocks to intimacy. Where Family Constellations comes into its own is when we find ourselves in situations...
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Relationship & Family Counselling & Coaching

Does one of these describe your situation? Things are pretty good. We just want to make sure we keep growing together and prepare for the changes ahead. We could use some help with parenting. It’s a real...
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Nurturing Relationship & Family Life with Family Constellations

Positive Relating begins with seeing everything AS IT IS... In order to experience a positive relationship with another you must first bring yourSelf into relationship! Family Constellations nurtures your...
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