2016 | Diane Viola
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Teaching Our Children to Lie

Something we love about kids is their unnerving commitment to telling the truth, regardless of the consequences! Often, it’s also what scares us about them. For a while, we forgive our youngsters for not playing...
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Melting Frozen Emotion with Family Constellations

While capturing a moment in time in a photo can be precious, some things are best given free reign! Although many people are confronted by or feel uncomfortable connecting with their feelings, in life, it is generally not the felt...
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Making Way for Commitment with Family Constellations

What's Wrong with this Picture? One of the things I love is working with couples to uncover and release the blocks to intimacy. Where Family Constellations comes into its own is when we find ourselves in situations...
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A ‘Spiritual Divorce’ | Family Constellations

What's wrong with this picture? Going through the grieving process that is inevitable in the face of Separation and Divorce to rebuild your life with a healthy, new relationship with yourself and others, is fundamental in restoring a...
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Facilitating Positive Relationships at Work

For many their place of work is synonymous with community or family; a place to which they belong and from which they seek connection, camaraderie and recognition. Increasingly, people are looking to their vocation and professional...
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