2014 | Diane Viola
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The Difference is YOU!

On ‘Day for Daniel’ in Australia we are reminded of the power of one… that all it takes is one person who is willing to stick their neck out, to put a stake in the ground and say “Enough is Enough, this cannot...
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A New Order of Things

Remember the ‘Get Smart’ sitcom where ‘Control’ represented American democracy and ‘Chaos’ represented Russian communism? Oddly enough it is out of chaos that something new or a new order of things emerges. And it is through...
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A Call to Oneness

(Substitute ‘God’ with Love, Light, Universal Energy as you wish) So to remember … that no matter where you go or are I, God, am also always there. It’s challenging isn’t it to consider that I could be in the places where people...
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Time to Unhide Your Light

The recent loss of Robin Williams, a beautiful, gentle genius of a man, left many of us grieving, struggling to understand and feeling our own pain and loss. Someone who brought immeasurable joy to others in his life...
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