2013 | Diane Viola
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Responding to Trauma and Loss

I originally compiled this list in response to the natural disasters of 2011. With the collective trauma of COVID-19 impacting all our lives, I offer it now with the intention that it might be helpful not only for the...
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The First Relationship

If every relationship is a mirror of the relationship we have with ourselves, it would help to remember that how we originally came to know ourselves was through the relationship with the first people we ever...
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Through Eyes of Love

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so too is everything we choose to see in ourselves or another, whether we’re aware we are doing the choosing or not and whether or not it gives us joy! Every time...
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The Right ‘Frame of Mind’

Everything we do to get into the right ‘frame of mind’ is unnecessary once we surrender to being in ‘the mind of God’.  Now that’s a revelation!  For how could we be anywhere but the right frame once our thoughts are...
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Help-Seeking Patterns of Young People

In May I attended 'The Mental Health & Wellbeing of Young People Conference' and was once again astounded by the statistics around key issues for our young people. Most disturbing was the 'Help-Seeking Patterns of...
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