2011 | Diane Viola
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Give YourSelf Time

Just as there is a rhythm to nature, human beings have their own timing, which requires understanding and respect. I believe the world we are living in often works in opposition to our human nature, and we could be...
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A New Relationship With Money

Long before the financial crisis, we’ve been experiencing a crisis in our relationship to ourselves, one another, and our planet. To one degree or another we’ve been suffering from a false sense of who we are,...
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A Positive Change of Heart

Positive Relating begins with seeing everything as it is...and being willing to meet life on its own terms. When that sentence fell out of my head earlier this year I had no idea just how universal its application...
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Protecting our Young – Nurturing Innocence

I find nothing more beguiling than to see a man hold a baby in his arms with tenderness and awe. Built into the fascination we have with babies is our innate need to protect and nurture those who are most dependent...
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Reaching Out With Compassion

The things we are passionate about are the things we love most, the people or pursuits which inspire us, capture our attention, get us out of bed in the morning long before everyone else, or keep us up late into the...
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